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Josh V 12-11-2014
Hello - is the hotel able to arrange tours and activities for us? If so, is there a concierge or agent I may contact? Thank you. Josh
Libertador Hotels, Resorts & Spas 12-11-2014
Thank you very much for your preference, Josh. We do not arrange for activities directly, but there are a number of tour operators we can recommend. Arrangements can be made in advance with them or we can put you in touch once you arrive.
heather harvey Harvey 09-10-2014
We are visiting for 2 nights in April 2015. Please advise re the following: 1. How to get to the hotel from the airport and how to get to the station to catch Peru Rail to Custco 2. Can you recommend any tour companies for 1 day tour from the hotel. Thank you.
Libertador Hotels, Resorts & Spas 14-10-2014
Thank you very much for your preference, Heather. Both transfers can be easily achieved using taxis, which you can contract upon arrival or they can be arranged by us in advance. We do have a tour desk at the hotel for these activities, we'll be more than glad to put you in contact with them. Just e-mail cusco@tikariy.com.pe
Cheryl Murphy 05-09-2014
Hello! I will be visiting next month and staying for 1 night. Do you have laundry service? Thank you.
Libertador Hotels, Resorts & Spas 05-09-2014
Thank you for your preference, Cheryl. We do have laundry service available at the hotel, from 6AM to 8PM.
Kelly Paredes 08-08-2014
Hi, I see that many people have taken the train Cusco to Puno. I am flying in to Puno and would like to stay at the hotel one night then take the train to Cusco. Will you please have a reservation agency contact me. Thank you, Kelly
Libertador Hotels, Resorts & Spas 11-08-2014
Thank you for your message, Kelly. A reservations executive will be in touch with you shortly.
George Crisco 06-07-2014
Do you provide transportation from your hotel to the PeruRail station? I have a room reserved from 10/26/14 to 10/27/14 but will need to depart in time to make the 7:30 AM check in time at PeruRail on the Andean Explorer to Cuzco. Thank You, George
Libertador Hotels, Resorts & Spas 07-07-2014
Thank you for your message, George. We do not have a transportation unit of our own, but work with several very reliable taxi companies which can take you in time for your departure.
Noriji Sakakura 21-05-2014
I have booked your hotel on "hotel.com". But to make sure, I would like to confirm my reservation (26/07 check in, 28/07 check out, 1 room for 2 persons). Thank you.
Libertador Hotels, Resorts & Spas 03-06-2014
Thank you very much for your preference. The reservation has been correctly received, we'll be more than glad to host you.
Julia White 19-02-2014
Good morning I am planning a visit to Peru and Bolivia in November this year and will be arriving in Puno by the Andean Explorer. I intend booking a room for two nights at your hotel ( dates to be confirmed ). The purpose of this email is to ask whether there is a local travel agent who can arrange our onward journey to La Paz. We should like to travel to La Paz via Sun island and Uros Iruitos . Many thanks , Julia white
David & Paula Coslett 15-10-2013
We are staying at your hotel for 2 nights. Please let us know what transportation is available from Juliaca Airport and what it will cost. We arrive November 11 at 17:35. We look forward to hearing from you. Please reply to the e-mail address provided. Thank you
Libertador Hotels, Resorts & Spas 16-10-2013
Thank you for thinking about Libertador for your visit to Lake Titicaca. A booking agent will be in touch with you shortly.
Keisuke Takagaki 18-09-2013
I reserved your Hotel on Expedia.(1954160833) I’d like to beg three things. 1. Please pick us up at 18p.m in the Puno station. We will take ANDEAN EXPLORE, and arrival time is at 18p.m. 2. I’d like to join “Tour of Uros”.(2 members). But ,do you have Tour in the afternoon ? My schedule changed because I don’t have to go to la paz. If your Tour has finished at 3 pm, it will be the best. 3 Could you give us to the airport by vehicle? And during we go to the airport,, Can I stop by “La Colina del Puma,” or “Huajapata Parque”. (Both are all right.) Please response these 3 question. Gracias!!
Libertador Hotels, Resorts & Spas 19-09-2013
Thank you very much for your preference. A reservations executive will be in touch with you shortly.
Michael & Dianne Gibbons 05-09-2013
Hi, my wife and I are booked in for two nights, November 9 & 10. We arrive in Puno at approximately 6.00pm on the Andean Explorer and would like to know the best way of getting to your hotel.
Libertador Hotels, Resorts & Spas 05-09-2013
Thank you very much for thinking about Libertador Puno for your visit to Lake Titicaca. If you let Perurail know in advance, they can actually stop the train a few yards from the hotel entrance for you to get down. They can't open the luggage car there, though, so we have to coordinate with them so our concierge goes to the station a few minutes after and picks it up for you. We hope you enjoy that wonderful journey through the andean plateau, it's one of the best train trips in the world.
V Wilkin 25-07-2013
Hi, do all of your rooms have a lake view? Kind regards
Libertador Hotels, Resorts & Spas 30-07-2013
Dear Victoria, thanks for your message. All rooms in Libertador Lake Titicaca have lake view. Thank you.
Keisuke Takagaki 15-06-2013
Hola! I am plannning to travel puno now,. Then I thnk to stay your hotel. But I have three question. Could you arrange me that tour to Uros in half day and bus to La Paz(via copacabana and depature time after tour) . It is OK ;you order travel agency that you have trust.
Libertador Hotels, Resorts & Spas 17-06-2013
Thank you for your interest in Libertador for your visit to Puno and Lake Titicaca. As soon as possible a reservation executive will contact you with tours information. Thanks.
sandra mortimer 18-05-2013
Do your guest rooms come equipped with hairdryers?
Libertador Hotels, Resorts & Spas 18-05-2013
Thank you for your interest in Libertador for your visit to Puno and lake Titicaca. Yes, all our rooms come equipped with hairdryers. Hoping you have a wonderful stay!
Veronica Renna 19-03-2013
Hi, if I arrive at Puno train station, how do I get to the hotel? Is there a pick up service you provide? Thanks, Veronica
Libertador Hotels, Resorts & Spas 19-03-2013
Thank you for choosing Libertador for yuor visit to Puno and lake Titicaca. We do provide with a pick-up service, a reservations agent will be in touch with you in order to elicit travel dates and times.
dana taylor 19-03-2013
do you have oxygen in your hotel if we have altitude sickness and medicine for altitude sickness
Libertador Hotels, Resorts & Spas 19-03-2013
Yes, we do. There is always an oxygen tank available at the hotel in case guests get altitute sickness.
Donatello 14-03-2013
Good morning from Italy. I will spend a couple of days in Puno next June. I wiil arrive in Puno by bus (Cruz del Sur) from Arequipa (ETD: 13:30pm). Questions: (1) Can you pick up me at the bus station upon my arrival ? (2) How long from the bus station to the hotel ? (3) Do you organize tours to Uros and Taquile islands ? If so, how much ? Can you tell me approximately departure/arrival time from/to the hotel ? Waiting for your reply. Regards.
Libertador Hotels, Resorts & Spas 21-03-2013
Thank you for thinking about Libertador for your visit to Puno and lake Titicaca. (1) Of course we can pick you up from the bus station. (2)The hotel is only 15 minutes from the bus station and the rate is US$8.00 (3) We don't organize tours but we can contact you with an agency, the full day tour goes for about $40.00 each, and they pick you up at 6:30, you'd be coming back at 17:30.
Wouter&Maud Slob 06-02-2013
We would like to have airport transfer from Juliaca airport, March 8, Flight LA 2115. Arequipa-Juliaca Arrival time Juliaca 7.50 a.m. We have booke a 2 night stay in your hotel, March 8-10,2013 Best regards, Wouter Slob
Libertador Hotels, Resorts & Spas 06-02-2013
Thank you very much for choosing us for your trip to Puno and Lake Titicaca. A reservations agent will be in touch with you shortly, regarding your transfers.
Bonnie Hough 02-02-2013
Hello, I have a reservation for Friday night. I arrive in Juliaca on Friday morning, February 8.. What is the best way to reach the hotel? Is there a specific hotel shuttle or bus? I would also like to find out about tours on the lake. I leave Saturday late afternoon. Thank you!
Libertador Hotels, Resorts & Spas 03-02-2013
Thank you very much for your preference. A reservations agent will be in touch with you shortly.
gordon ralph 30-01-2013
January 29, 2013 Hello from Florida USA: January 30, 2013 Dear Friends: I am arriving in Juliaca on March 2, 2013 Questions about your hotel. 1) Cost of 2 single rooms (lowest cost rooms)? March 2, 2013 2) Do you arrange shuttle from Juliaca airport, and what is the cost? 3) Do you have room oxygen? Cost per day?
Libertador Hotels, Resorts & Spas 30-01-2013
A reservations agent will be in touch shortly with answers. Thank you very much for your interest in Libertador Puno lake titicaca.
Radtke Timo 26-01-2013
Buenos Dias, tengo una pregunta: Do you offer tours to Uro and Isla de Taquile directly from your hotel and how much is this. We would like to stay at your hotel, but arrive in the evening, so is there a possibility to book a tour in advance ? Grüße aus Deutschland y muchas gracias !
Libertador Hotels, Resorts & Spas 27-01-2013
Thank you very much for your interest on travel to Puno and lake titicaca. A reservations agent will be in touch with you shortly. Best regards,
Alba Holleman 17-12-2012
Hotel Esteves, quiero saber si para ayudar al soroche tienen almohadones de Oxigeno y cual es el precio, otra pregunta tienen tours que salen directamente del hotel a los Uros y la Isla de Taquile si es positiva la respuesta cual es el precio por person y cual es el horario seriamos como 8 personas y si tienen en Tour que incluye y precio por supuesto. gracias y estoy en espera de su respuesta
Libertador Hotels, Resorts & Spas 17-12-2012
Muchas gracias por su interés. En breve una ejecutiva de reservas estará en contacto con usted. Felices fiestas!
Eva Lucia Reyes Moreno 02-12-2012
Buenas noches, en cuanto a mi pregunta del 29 de noviembre, aun no recibo respuesta. ¿Habrá alguna manera de contactar por correo a algún ejecutivo directamente?. Gracias por su ayuda. Saludos.
Libertador Hotels, Resorts & Spas 03-12-2012
Estimada Eva, se envió la información solicitada, la esperamos pronto en Libertador Lago Titicaca, saludos.
Malcolm Galloway 01-12-2012
I stayed in your magnificent hotel with Tauck in September. In a room behind the reception desk was a bathymetric (water depths) map of Lake Titicaca. You could clerly see it through a window behind the Reception desk. I wish to get a copy of this map but to do so i must know who produced it. This information I would expect to find on the map somewhere. If someome would be kind enough to look closely at the map and send me information concerning its publisher i would be most grateful. Thank you in anticipation, Kind regards, Malcolm Galloway.
Libertador Hotels, Resorts & Spas 04-12-2012
If we translate from spanish, the small print at the bottom of the map says: "Source: Hydrographic assesment made from November 1976 to August 1977 by the DHN". DHN stands for (in Spanish) the Hydrographic Division of the Peruvian Navy. We hope this information is useful, please let us know if we can help with any additional information.
Libertador Hotels, Resorts & Spas 01-12-2012
Dear Mr. Galloway, thank you very much for your message. In the near future we will contact you to send you the information.
Eva Lucia Reyes Moreno 29-11-2012
Buenas noches! Tengo una reservación en su hotel para el 10 de enero. viajo con mis dos hijos por lo que quisiera saber si es posible solicitar cama suplementaria en la habitación o de preferencia la opción de 2 camas. Me gustaría contactar a un ejecutivo para ver si es posible ampliar mi reservación y obtener información de la excursión a las islas. Gracias de antemano por su respuesta.
Libertador Hotels, Resorts & Spas 30-11-2012
Estimada Eva, a la brevedad una ejecutiva de reservas se pondrá en contacto con usted. Muchas gracias.
Jennie Cox 14-11-2012
Please advise cost of transportation from hotel to Juliaca airport as well as travel time. Thank you! Jennie Preferred Travel
Libertador Hotels, Resorts & Spas 14-11-2012
Dear Jennie, cost of shuttle from the airport to Libertador Lake Titicaca is U$D 45.00 and the estimate time is 40 minutes. Thanks, Regards.
Luiz Alberto Ballarin 02-09-2012
Tenemos reservas en su hotel para el dia 24/01 al dia 25/01/2013 e gustaríamos hacer la visita a las islas flotantes. Ustedes poden hacer reservas para el barco e salir del pier del hotel para las primeras horas de la mañana de 25/01? Por favor confirmar-nos pelo e-mail acima mencionado. Gracias.
Libertador Hotels, Resorts & Spas 02-09-2012
Muchas gracias por su preferencia, un ejecutivo de nuestro hotel en Puno estara en contacto con usted pronto.
yoshiko kitamura 31-07-2012
Buenos dias! I will stay at your hotel. Libertador puno I have a question about Internet access. Wifi access is free of charge? Please let me know. Thank you.
Libertador Hotels, Resorts & Spas 10-08-2012
Dear Guest, Thanks for your comment, WI FI internet access is free in Libertador Lago Titicaca - Puno. Regards
Marilyn Miller 30-07-2012
We have reservations at your hotel October 5 - 9th and would like to reserve transportation from the airport in Juliaca. We are on LAN flight #2111 arriving at 1700 on October 5 and will need transport back to airport on October 9 in time for Lan flight 2115 at 0820. This will be for me (Marilyn Miller) and Steve and Diane Jaffee who also are staying at The Liberatador on the same days. Thank you. Please confirm via email address above.
Libertador Hotels, Resorts & Spas 20-08-2012
A reservations agent will be in touch with you shortly, thank you very much for your preference.