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Maras chosen as the Top New Restaurant Summum Awards

Lima, July 2012 – During a ceremony held last week, Maras was chosen as the Top New Restaurant in the rankings of this year’s Summum Poll, a survey that is given out each year to more than 400 people for the purpose of learning the country’s best restaurants.

Those who were asked to fill out the poll agreed that the four primary aspects for choosing the best restaurants are food, service, ambience, and quality-price ratio.

Rafael Piqueras, the Maras Executive Chef, showed his appreciation for the award. “On behalf of the entire Maras team, I receive this award with great pride. We have worked very hard during our inaugural year to gain the public’s approval, and this is proof of accomplishing that,” he said.

Maras, which operates on the grounds of the Westin Lima Hotel as a fine-dining restaurant, opened its doors one year ago, offering a menu that one could describe as “contemporary Peruvian cuisine” and that places great importance on the ingredients used in each dish, yet that does not leave behind the most avant-garde culinary techniques in the world. “Our dishes must surprise the patron, but also keep them from having to think too much about what techniques were used to make it, simply captivating them by the perfect harmony of the ingredients in each one,” explains Rafael.

Maras is also in the top 20 restaurants of Peru.